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Steele Interview With PlanetIll "Behind The Beef : Junior Mafia Vs OGC"

"We sat with General Steele a while ago for an extensive interview after police shut down the release party of the very dope Monumental album by Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun. After we got through with the nitty gritty , I wanted to ask about a beef tat flew under the radar for years outside of BK Hip-Hop and New York. During an ongoing misunderstanding between Duck Down group OGC (Originoo Gunn Clappaz) and Biggie’s Junior Mafia, Starang Wondah from OGC got run up on in the legendary D&D Studios. Thankfully no one got seriously hurt and eventually the beef was squashed. But for those who didn’t know or those who wondered what the hell it was all about, we got that butter. Enjoy."

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