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Louieville sluggah - Living Legends (Teaser)

The Participation of 15 Hip Hop icons from the states on the Living Legends album from Mad Mic vs Tyler Torance & Calibuz Wax is allready known. Three artists are still to come and today we’re proud to present you another real legend.

His first single with the Fab 5 is a real Hip Hop classic. The debut of his crew, the Originoo Gunn Clappaz (O.G.C), is a real milestone. Together with the Boot Camp Click, one of the most famoust supergroups in Rap history, he released four albums. Under the flag of the legendary Duckdown label he left his footprints on releases of Black Moon, Heltah Skeltah or Sean Price. Last year he droped his long awaited solo debut “Best kept secret” and now he’s a part of the “Living Legends”: Louieville Sluggah.

But that’s not all. Cause the O.G.C legend made not only an exclusive feature for the album of Mad Mic vs Tyler Torance and Calibuz Wax. The song “Claim they real” is also the first “Living Legends” video, which will be aired this month!

In the following weeks, we are going to introduce further “Living Legends” on our website. Who’s next? This is going to be unvealed on the 11th of May 2011. To overcome the time, we prepared a prize question for you: Who is going to be right next to Louieville Sluggah on the animated banner of our website? Send us your suggestions via e-mail to: legends(at)prosa-nostra.com and the first right answer wins optional a Living Legends CD or vinyl. Besides that, we raffle under all contestants backstage tickets for the release party in summer.

We are excited to report about the Living Legends in future and remain hopefully to get your support.Till then, visit the Living Legends on Facebook.

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